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Jim is a graduate of the class of 1977 with a BS in Marine Transportation and has an MBA in Finance from the New York Institute of Technology.

He joined the AAF July 1, 2008 and took over the organization in December, 2008.

He is extremely proud and honored to be a Director for the Friends of the Merchant Marine Museum, an museum that all can be proud of.  

Prior to joining the AAF, Jim worked in the financial services industry, specializing in estate and retirement planning. Jim worked with many non-profits on Long Island and has always had an interest in charitable work.

Upon graduation from USMMA, Jim sailed deep sea with Masters, Mates, & Pilots and eventually worked with the Department of Environmental Protection for the City of New York. He sailed as Master and was promoted to Port Superintendent.

He obtained an Unlimited Masters License Upon Oceans, and First Class Pilotage for the New York Harbor area.

Jim coached the USMMA Rugby Club in 1983-85 and is currently the Rugby Team advisor and mentor.

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