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It is a new day and a new dawn for the Friends of the American Merchant Marine Museum. As the new President I want to welcome and greet you to our brand new website. We are excited for it and hope this is the start of many new things to come.

For those that are not aware our purpose is to provide the American Merchant Marine Museum with financial and volunteer assistance as is needed to fulfill its mission to foster, promote and perpetuate interest and knowledge in the American Merchant Marine and to instill in the Midshipmen at the United States Merchant Marine Academy and the public in general a deeper understanding, appreciation and comprehension for America’s great maritime and shipping heritage.

The FAMM will be building on these core concepts in the near future to enhance our website to accept donations as well as offer books for sale.

As we are a proactive organization and strive to listen to our customer base if you have any requests feel free to contact us and we will respond. Likewise if you are interested in volunteering or providing any type of assistance we look forward to hearing from you.

Look forward for updates in the near future.


Emil Muccin



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